In keeping with a new society that wants to live more consciously, health is one of the most important pillars at Max & Moore. The role of ventilation is crucial for a healthy working environment.

Max & Moore uses the advanced installations, ventilation and air treatment system.


Due to the column structure used, the upper floors can be arranged completely freely. The core provides stability and is centrally organized so that the floors can be interconnected or divided into smaller work areas.

With extra high ceilings and lots of glass all around, there is optimal contact with the outside, a view of the water, and as much daylight as possible enters.

The flexible set-up ensures a high degree of user-friendliness and makes it possible to accommodate a wide range of entrepreneurs. The building is also adaptable over the years.


Nature is a connecting factor between the different floors and both Max & Moore buildings.

Roof terraces, double-height patios, vertical green facades and pergolas alternate.